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inJoy Tapioca Pearls are small, chewy balls made from tapioca starch and are usually the perfect partner for cold drinks, especially milk tea. Milk tea drinks will never be complete without well cooked chewy tapioca pearls.

Milk tea boba pearls by inJoy are made from quality ingredients. Try cooking and it will instantly attract your customers with its appetizing aroma. It perfectly satisfies the customers’ cravings and is handcrafted well to support the needs of business minded people who seek for quality standard milk tea business. Tapioca pearl comes with an instruction guide to help achieve the right texture. Each pack contains an oxygen absorber to avoid moisture from entering the pack and to keep it fresh. 

inJoy also made cooking of Tapioca Pearls easier by providing a pearl cooker, which helps you save more time. Pearl cooker is set to cook your boba pearls at the right temperature, time and texture. While letting this machine do its job, you can prepare various walling and sinkers to prepare for your store. You can have more time preparing and serving your customers the classic milk tea flavors and premium ingredients. Tapioca pearls are also perfect to level up your jelly desserts by with our dalgona milk tea.

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Why Is inJoy Tapioca Pearls Preferred By Milk Tea Shop Owners?

✔ FDA Approved and HALAL Accredited — inJoy products and manufacturing process have passed certifications which clearly shows that we only produce the best ingredients for your food business.

✔ Premium Raw Materials — made from tapioca starch that has undergone strict quality control measures, we always make sure that we have the premium quality raw materials.

✔ Delicious Taste That Suits Best To Your Customer Preference – our Research and Development (RnD) experts guarantee that inJoy products will bring the taste your customer is looking for.

✔ Affordable Quality – proudly manufactured in the Philippines, you are assured of the best quality at high profit margins.

✔ Made by inJoy® – we  are the no.1 brand when comes to milk tea supplies and is a trusted supplier of milk tea ingredients by over with over  70,000 inJoypreneurs (business owners). We have been in the food and beverage industry for decades, and has been consistently helping Filipino entrepreneurs all over the country.

inJoy Tapioca Pearls Is Sought For By Most Milk Tea Shops

✔ Best Quality Boba Pearl. Pearls are locally manufactured with world class quality control standards. Affordable without the compromise. 

✔ Aroma Attracts Customers. While cooking the inJoy tapioca pearls, you will immediately smell the aroma of the boba pearls. This is what will attract potential customers in your shop as you prepare. Instant marketing! 

✔ Perfect Chewiness. inJoy boba pearls are not too soft, not too hard. Just right! 

✔ Blends Well With Milk Tea. It is specifically formulated to be the perfect partner for your milk tea drinks! 

✔ Multiple Applications. It can be used for milk shakes, toppings for pastries, etc.

✔ Highest Rated Boba Pearls. Five (5) star rated  and top selling in Shopee Mall and Lazada Mall! 

Product Information

Weight — One (1) kg 
Yield — Cooked inJoy Tapioca Pearls will yield up to two (2) kgs.
Shelf Life — it is recommended to consume your cooked Tapioca Pearls within the day. Make sure your pearls are sealed and tight. For unopened pack, four (4) months.

Watch Video: Best Way To Cook inJoy Tapioca Pearls

How To Cook Tapioca Pearls/Boba Pearls For Milk Tea?

Method 1: Cooking Tapioca Pearls using Stovetop

1. Boil 6L of water.
2. Once boiling, add 1kg of inJoy Milktea Tapioca Pearls. Stir then cover.
3. Boil for 25-30 mins.
4. After boiling, turn off heat.
5. Allow pearls to soak, covered, for 25-30 mins.
6. Drain pearls and add ½ kg brown sugar.

Method 2: Cooking Tapioca Pearls Using Rice Cooker

1. Add 3L of water to the rice cooker.  Turn on.
2. Once boiling, add 1kg inJoy Milktea Tapioca Pearls. Stir.
3. Boil for 20 mins.
4. Remove the plug of the rice cooker.  Allow pearls to soak for 30 mins.
5. Add ½ kg of brown sugar into the mixture.

Method 3: Cooking Tapioca Pearls Using A Pearl Cooker

1. Set the desired cooking time on the pearl cooker.  Recommended is 20 mins boil, 30 mins stew.
2. Add 3L of water to the pearl cooker.
3. Add 1kg of pearls during the “Add Pearls” stage.  Stir.
4. Dissolve ½ kg of brown sugar once the cooking program ends.
5. If desired, you may add inJoy Tapioca Pearls, inJoy Nata de Coco, or inJoy Gulaman.
6. Serve and inJoy!

I Have Questions about inJoy Tapioca Pearls, Where Can I Find the Answers?

You can send us a message on our Facebook page so we can properly assist you. You may also check our FAQs. For urgent questions, you may contact us at (+63) 947-583-0203. Our team is available to answer your queries from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm (GMT +8).

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