In the event that the purchased milk tea supplies are found to be expired or defective, or the buyer has any reasonable ground/s not to accept the product, we offer a hassle-free return or exchange provided that we are notified and the product sent back to us within seven (7) days from receipt. Please note that there must be a proof of receipt so we could verify if the request is within the given period. After we received the needed requirements, we will process the same request within three (3) business days.

For Defective Returns or Faulty Product(s)

We reserve the right to require proof from the customer before we process the exchange or refund. Documents to be submitted shall include but not limited to the following: photo of defective or faulty product(s), receipt, and proof of address. Additionally, returned product(s) must be 100% complete, including the packaging, and manual (if provided originally).

For Non-Defective Returns

As part of our policy, we will require from the buyer a restocking fee, equal to twenty five percent (25%) of the purchase price for non-defective returns, or when no fault can be attributed to us. Please be informed, however, that the buyer shall shoulder the cost of the return shipment. Also, returned products must be 100% complete, including the packaging, and manual (if provided originally). Items must have not been consumed.

Application of the Return Policy

The following are exceptions to our Return Policy: (1) discounted product cannot be returned or exchanged; (2) product for return or exchange do not have the original packaging anymore; and (3) returned product must have been partly consumed.

Please be informed that the preceding are standard requirements and are applied by all online stores. In order for us to accommodate your request for return, you may contact us through We will send you a feedback regarding your request within 24 hours upon notice.