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inJoy Funfrappe Whipped Cream Dispenser will bring out the fun and creativity into your business! Designed to perfectly match the efficiency and productivity of every inJoypreneur. It aims to bring out the flavor of products and achieve the perfect texture in creating and dispensing whipped cream. This product is a must for your milk tea shop!

Fun frappe powdered mix and Fun Frappe Whipped Cream Dispenser is designed to go hand in hand to support your business with a top quality whipped cream consistency eliminating the hassle of creating a milk tea cup that tastes good and looks good for your customers’ cravings. Fun frappe dispenser is also a must for any milk shake or cafe business owners. With inJoy as your business partner, you can always rely on the team for the support for your frappe business!

Product Information

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How to prepare inJoy FunFrappe Whipped Cream using inJoy Funfrappe Dispenser:
  1. Add 375mL of COLD water into the dispenser and add 125g of inJoy FunFrappe Whipped Cream powder. Mix well.
  2. Close the dispenser by twisting the whipped cream charger holder gently.
  3. Add the FunFrappe charger into the cartridge and attach. Screw it quickly the moment you feel tight.
  4. Shake the dispenser vertically for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Keep the dispenser in the refrigerator or ice bath when not in use.


Why choose inJoy FunFrappe and inJoy products for your business?

✔ Sangkap Pinoy Seal, HALAL Accredited, FDA Certified – our products and manufacturing process have passed certifications showing we only produce the best ingredients for your business.

✔ Premium Raw Materials – made from real Okinawa and tea powder, each pack is an all-in-1 mix for your convenience so you can serve your customers with confidence.

✔ Delicious Taste to Suit Your Customer Preference – our  Research and Development experts will guarantee this product will suit your customers’ taste.

✔ Affordable Quality – proudly manufactured in the Philippines, you are assured of the best quality at high profit margins.

✔ Made by inJoy® – we are the trusted supplier of milk tea ingredients among 70,000 business owners

How to properly use inJoy FunFrappe Dispenser?

Here’s a video tutorial of inJoy Funfrappe Dispenser:

I Have Questions about inJoy Funfrappe Whipped Cream Dispenser, Where Can I Find Answers?

You can  send us a message on our Facebook page so we can properly assist you. You may also check our FAQs. For urgent questions, you may contact us at (+63) 947-583-0203. Our team is available to answer your queries from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (GMT +8)

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Weight 0.82 kg


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