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Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea Powder


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Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea Powder by MilkTea Mate is made of pure quality brown sugar ingredients that suits well when mixed with a tea base. It has a creamy texture that your customers will surely love.

As regards to the cost, this brand of milk tea powder is most preferred by many franchise companies as its capital cost relative to the preparation can be adjusted accordingly without affecting the beverage flavor and quality. This can be served both to middle and high end markets.

Product Details

Net Weight — 1kg
Shelf Life — You may contact us regarding this information.
Storage Condition — Store in an area away from constant exposure to light, heat and moisture.

Why Order Our Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea Powder?

High Quality Ingredient — to be able to offer high-quality best milk tea powders for your best-selling dessert and refreshing beverages, great effort is put in choosing the best raw materials that can be made into great-tasting products;

Preferred By Franchise Milk Tea Shops — this milk tea powder is mostly preferred by franchise companies as it brings the quality of flavor customer loves and can be served to middle and high end market;

Can Be Prepared With Ease — providing you with easy to follow preparation without compromising the quality of the flavor of your beverage; and

Projects A Higher ROI — at guaranteed best price, you are assured that you get your money’s worth and that’s what we would like to contribute so that you can grow your business well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I serve Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea Powder?

Other than milk tea beverage, Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea Powder can be mixed to create tasty iced drink, shakes, frappe, shaved ice desserts and most especially, milk teas drinks.

For further inquiries, please visit our FAQs page here.

If need assistance from our main office, please do not hesitate to call us at +639155251894 or email us directly at sales@milkteasupplier.ph and we will make your inquires our priority.

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Weight 1 kg


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