Barista Training Courses

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Our Barista Training are offered on-site and online. Through these training courses, you will be provided with the knowledge and skills needed in preparing and/or elevating your menu to the next level. We designed the training both for those who are starting their café and those café owners  who intend to create more of their signature flavors. Our barista-trainer is highly skilled when comes to mixing different ingredients creating a state of the art flavors! Our barista has been a coach/trainer for well-know n brands and popular hotels in the country.

With our on-site barista training, you will get a first hand experience with preparing the beverage, experiment your own recipe, and get to taste the flavors our barista will prepare for you. Specifically, you will get the following once you enroll in our training seminar:

  • Introduction to the Café Business
  • How To Start A Café Business
  • Capital Expenses vs. ROI
  • Cost and Market Analysis
  • Beverage Supplies Specifications
  • Barista Skillset / Upgrading Skillset
  • Help Tips About Beverage Business
  • Digital Marketing Tips and Many More!

Our on-site barista training is conducted every Monday and Wednesday and every Friday and Saturday only. We are fully booked most of the time so better to get your slot via our reservation form the soonest possible.

If need assistance from our main office, please do not hesitate to Call Us at or email us directly and we will make your inquiry our priority.